Michelle’s 2021Book Bingo


4 comments on “Michelle’s 2021Book Bingo”

  1. What a wealth of reading, Michelle. I intend to investigate more closely, maybe add a few to my pile. i love Mary Ruefle. Her book Madness Rack and Honey just knocked me flat.

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    1. Michelle, I went to an artist’s talk (pre-pandemic) and she had Madness Rack and Honey in her hand so that she could read excerpts to us. It was central to her work. So, of course, I had to get my hands on it. I loved it–AND I found a note in it from another library patron expressing her love for it. Yes, this book knocked both JNaz and me flat.

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  2. You are a BINGO hero — I didn’t even make BINGO once but I had fun anyways. So glad you are here, Michelle – great to see everyone today. Lifted my spirits for sure ❤

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  3. Michelle, I am duly impressed with your Bingo card. So funny–I was just thinking of Silas Marner a few days ago, thinking about the whining complaints of some of my high school English classmates about having to read it. They made our very buttoned-up teacher burst out with an obscenity & we nearly fainted from the surprise! I just love Wendell Berry–can’t help myself.

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