The Art of Linda Ridgway


Just found out there’s an exhibit of 5 pieces of her work at the Nasher Sculpture Center. I’ve followed her work at local art galleries and museums since the 90’s. Just love it–love the thinking behind it, the process, and the result. Such a coincidence, this exhibition, since I was just commenting in our blog about her love of Mary Ruefle’s Madness Rack and Honey! I’ve read and looked at what is on the Nasher’s website (several “pings” there: poetry, Hyperallergic, John Yau, John Cage…) and I think it’s worth posting a link to it in Open Arts. If you go all the way down to the bottom of the page, you’ll see the images from the show. I haven’t been going anywhere & delta is having its way with us but oh how I want to see this in person before it’s gone next week. sigh

Ridgway does magical things with graphite, the printing press, and bronze. Her partner, a sculptor, started a fantastic foundry & she cast amazing, delicate things there, like plants, leaves–even birds’ nests!

Oh, and here is a 15-minute video I just found with Ridgway talking about each piece in the exhibition. Even better!

2 comments on “The Art of Linda Ridgway”

  1. I just took full advantage of your post. What a gift. Meeting the artist and her work for the first time via technology was the next best thing to being there. The gallery space is so lovely. It’s so sad that COVID plays a part in even the simplest of our decisions. Of course, for me, distance is a huge obstacle to viewing this exhibit in person–Pennsylvania to Texas! I’m grateful for your post. I know I will go back to it again. So much to process.

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  2. Teri, I have been itching to get in here and explore this but still haven’t found the time. Just wanted you to know I am hovering at the edge of it.

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