Richard Powers…


Here is a link to a deeply moving, thought provoking interview with Richard Powers. It is rather lengthy but worth setting aside some time for.

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  1. solastalgia, the emotional anguish caused by an apprehension of the dying planet.

    this is the word I’ve been looking for– not ennui, not malaise …

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    1. Yes, I first came across this neologism a couple of years ago. it is a word for its time, to be sure. I think many of us live inside of it. I think it has become a part of who we are.

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  2. This interview was very thought provoking. I’m still working my way to the ending of Overstory. I plan to read Bewilderment. As a special education teacher, I always questioned why my students were expected to do all the conforming. They taught me a lot by being themselves. I’m anxious to meet Robin in Bewilderment. Richard Powers came up again today in our blog zoom gathering. I realized I never listened to a conversation between Ezra Klein and Richard Powers that I had bookmarked. I listened today. Here’s the link: Richard Powers is a very interesting human being. I wish he would invite me to his home in the Smokey Mountains so that we could have our own conversation outside on his deck under the trees. I have lots of questions I could ask him!

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