Ursula von Rydingsvard, sculptor


I received an email from a local art gallery about an exhibit of Rydingsvard’s work, and I was attracted enough by the images of a few of her pieces on display to follow a link to a video about her. I thought it was going to be 57 minutes long, but it’s just a very short preview. So, if you have a couple of minutes I’d recommend a look at this: https://itinerantpictures.com/Into-Her-Own Normally, I’d beat a path to the gallery to see her work.

11 comments on “Ursula von Rydingsvard, sculptor”

  1. omg teri thank you for posting this — i have a sculptor friend who i must pass this on to– wow wow wow — a great way to start my Wednesday!

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      1. You know, I thought the last name seemed suspect– my spider sense said ‘this woman is Eastern European’ and when I looked her up online, it did not come out so I thought– perhaps I’m wrong. Gotta trust the instincts! Thanks for the link– this is the direction I hope to take my own sculpture in once I get to the beach (a long distance reality).

        ‘The Safety of Wood’ is sticking with me- a quote from the video you originally posted. And the Polska titles are very interesting…

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    1. Please say thank you to Linda for me, B. I love this link! Videos, videos. I watch Art in the 21st Century on TV & never thought to check for a website.

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