Three Little Animals by Margaret Wise Brown


Well, since we are counting pages during the winter months, it’s hard to know how many times we have read this book! A gift from @julienaslund5866 – the story reads like any typical day in my life. I go out into the world with clothes on and wonder what the heck is going on. Coming home to my own little universe, I can slip away from the chaos of organized human life. Yes, this is a page turner. If you have not read it once, or dozens of times, do yourself a favor and find a copy. The illustrations are delightful. This is a family favorite, no doubt! Thank you JNaz ❤

7 comments on “Three Little Animals by Margaret Wise Brown”

  1. It is a page turner, isn’t it. A favorite of mine for many years, I still have the copy I was given as a very young child in, yikes!, 1959.

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    1. Thanks for leading me to this piece, borkali. I had known so little about her, only that a number of her books were very important to me, both in my own childhood and when I became a mom.

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      1. Yes, a very interesting profile of a fascinating woman! Struck down by an exuberant can-can kick…what a way to go, she would have had so much more to say and do.

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