The Animated Universe in Verse, Part 1: The Evolution of Life and the Birth of Ecology, with Emily Dickinson

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Every year since 2017, I have loved the The Universe in Verse. This year there is a new iteration:

“For four seasons, it remained a live gathering — thousands of embodied universes of thought and feeling, huddled together in a finite space built in a faraway time when Whitman’s living atoms walked the streets outside.

In this interlude between gatherings, as we face the biological and ecological realities of life with widened eyes, I have entwined visions with my friends at On Being to reimagine the spirit of The Universe in Verse in a different incarnation, a year in the making: a season of stories about epoch-making events, discoveries, and unsung heroes from the history of science — this common record of our search for truth and the native beauty of reality — each illustrated in poetry’s lovely abstract language, with an animated poem.”–Maria Popova

Learn more in this issue of The Marginalian: Episode 1 is lovely.

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