Oh, I’m turning pages & pages…


…of so many books. This is a small sampling of what I’ve just picked up off the floor to give you a sense of volume. Consider The Babies and Doggies Book was read at least 4 times in succession the other night. I have no idea how many pages but I’m definitely reading. I’m nearly done with DFW The Pale King and will write an update on that when I wrap it up.

How’s your winter reading turning?

3 comments on “Oh, I’m turning pages & pages…”

  1. You definitely are turning pages📚! My reading is not as varied (or fun). I am almost finished with ‘Red Comet,’ Sylvia Plath’s biography by Heather Clark. It’s over 900 pages long, so it is taking up most of my reading time. I’ve been at it quite awhile–I’ve renewed the library book twice🙃. I’ll post when I’m finished.

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