Small Things Like These by Claire Keegan


Another fine story by Keegan, deeply humane. This time the story is written from the point of view of a married father of five girls. Both Foster and Small Things Like These are set in Ireland, by the way, and Small Things is about 2 hours long, so a little more to enjoy. The time of year is Christmastime. Brrr…it’s cold. No warming your toes here, except by a fire. In fact, our main character makes a living by delivering wood and coal to his neighbors. Well, that’s all I’ll say. Glad to have spent 2 hours with his churning thoughts.

5 comments on “Small Things Like These by Claire Keegan”

  1. I just requested “Small Things LIke These” from my library along with “Foster” which I’ll have to wait for–I’m #18 in line. I’m looking forward to reading a novella–or two.

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  2. I finished ‘Small Things Like These.’ It was a very chilling–but hopeful–two hour tale. I was definitely left wondering, ‘What will happen next?’ I look forward to ‘Foster.’

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    1. I am not the most optimistic person around, but I was left with a feeling that I would be happy with what will happen next no matter what the details. I’d like to hear more; I’ll just have to imagine that “more.”

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