Incredible good fortune by Ursula K Le Guin


I picked this up from the poetry section at the Woodland Public Library last Saturday. I love that she has a section written from a cruise ship. I love the introduction giving advice to poetry writers about how best to approach the craft — classes, community and focusing on form are a few nuggets of advice from the late Le Guin.

Form is certainly a focus here — I enjoyed her rhyming throughout. The poems are not too long, keeping the reader moving through pages.

Le Guin is a complex writer and this poetry affirms that — I love her style and the freedom she has with her words.

3 comments on “Incredible good fortune by Ursula K Le Guin”

  1. I recently read my first Ursula Le Guin novel. ‘The Left Hand of Darkness’ was a bookclub choice. I was glad I had a chance to discuss it with others. Le Guin is an amazing writer, and the novel had many layers of meaning. I didn’t know she wrote poetry too. I always thought of her as a science fiction writer. Our blog always broadens my horizons.

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