The Presence of Absence by Simon Van Booy


I picked this up from the library yesterday and working through a partly sleepless night, I read this through the wee hours with the half moon peering through my window. I love this book – I am so grateful for our reading adventures as they bring me so many places. The book is about an author who learns he has a terminal illness and the majority of the book is about how he is trying to tell his wife. The latter portion of the book is about what happens after he dies. The prose are absolutely gorgeous and heartfelt and warming and comforting. This book makes terminal illness seem approachable. Love, loss, plans to continue after death, the pain required for love to exist and other such themes are woven throughout the book. I will be picking up more Van Booy – working backwards through his bibliography. Please read this book – it’s not long, very readable and there’s quite a bit of poetry mixed in with the prose. I love the set up of this book- from chapters running backwards, to the surreal nature of second act of the novel. You will not be disappointed.

2 comments on “The Presence of Absence by Simon Van Booy”

  1. I had never heard of this author so I looked him up. He’s written at least one children’s book, ‘Pobbles Way,’ which looks lovely. Angel is in for a treat too😇. I love learning about new-to-me authors.

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