Waited in the queue for a while to get this read from the library. Worth the wait! I feel like the cover, title and subtitle set you up for thinking this will be a clinical, manual type read; however, it is written more like a memoir or autobiography, with information woven into the prose. I loved learning all about Maria Ressa, her life, her trials– both figurative and literal– as well as her beliefs. She reaffirmed my general attitude that it’s critical to seek the truth, tell the truth and continue to speak truth to power. Maria is risking her life in doing so– she is brave, strong and writes with grace. We all should learn from her.

Of note, she mentions that the year before a presidential election we should collectively begin a #FactsFirst campaign in the evolving age of disinformation. I will be sure to work on this myself in my limited ways, being that I do not engage much in social media (this blog might be considered such, as well as my participation on LinkedIn), which seems like the right call after reading this book. I never felt good about social media, and now I feel worse.

Read this book when you have time. It will affirm what you probably already know or suspect and give you additional truth to add to your arguments about the direction of our world.

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