yet another gem from AEON


Really, I really have no words…

2 comments on “yet another gem from AEON”

  1. Thank you for highlighting this Aeon link. Amber Rose Johnson, one of the ModPo facilitators, is moving to Montreal to teach a McGill. I sent her the link. In the process, I discovered Quebec in very large. Montreal is over 1000 miles from Kangirsuk. The community is only accessible by air and, in late summer, by boat. Not an easy place to visit in person. I’m grateful for the virtual experience. The songs are moving to hear and the young Inuit women are a joy to watch. The land is awe inspiring.

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    1. Oh Barbara, I agree on all counts – the songs, the women, the landscape. I found all of it deeply moving.

      I am fascinated and slightly obsessed with throat singing. It is a tradition across many cultures and has been for centuries. My son turned me on to a Mongolian metal band, called The HU, who do throat singing and play traditional instruments. They are really something. You should check them out.,vid:v4xZUr0BEfE

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