Eleanor & Park

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This was the second book I had on hold anticipating to listen to on the drive to/from Savannah, but due to the delay in availability I listened to it this past week mostly while knitting in Starbucks. I came across the title on one of the lists Gina posted about.


I started out eye-rolling and gagging on the sweetness. I wanted to hate this high school romance, an awkward redheaded girl with an abusive stepfather, a slightly less awkward Irish-Korean kid who listened to punk and read comicbooks. In a film rendition I imagine Park being played by Joseph Gordon Levitt (although apparently he isn’t Asian) and I’m sure I’d be totally smitten.

The story of Eleanor & Park wears on you, eroding at your heart until it finds that last nugget of love and hope you have stored away. And then it unravels like Weezer’s Undone Sweater Song. All that’s left is a thread, tugging. Maybe you’ll  read it and your eyes will remain sore from rolling at the saccharine, but for whatever reason this hit me right in the feels

1 comments on “Eleanor & Park”

  1. After all the talk about John Green and teenagers I’m not sure if I could tackle this, but you make a compelling review!!


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