The Strain, The Fall and Night Eternal by Guillermo Del Toro/Chuck Hogan

In one week, Manhattan will be gone.
In one month, the country. In two months . . . the world.
At New York’s JFK Airport an arriving Boeing 777 taxiing along a runway suddenly stops dead. All the shades have been drawn, all communication channels have mysteriously gone quiet. Dr. Eph Goodweather, head of a CDC rapid-response team investigating biological threats, boards the darkened plane . . . and what he finds makes his blood run cold.
A terrifying contagion has come to the unsuspecting city, an unstoppable plague that will spread like an all-consuming wildfire—lethal, merciless, hungry . . . vampiric.
And in a pawnshop in Spanish Harlem an aged Holocaust survivor knows that the war he has been dreading his entire life is finally here . . .



I may be bad at posting but I’m great at reading!!!!

So this is a great SciFi trilogy that FX is murdering as a tv show. That said, if it wasn’t for the first season of said show, I never would have picked up these books.

Now TECHNICALLY this is a book about vampires but it is SO much more than that!! The main character works for the CDC and is brought it to investigate a new virus. In doing so he realizes that this new STRAIN (see what they did there) isn’t something that can be cured and there are many ways to become infected. With the help of an Old Jewish POW, who has dedicated his life to fighting these creatures, they try to warn the world and take down the Master of these creatures. Of course no one believes them, the government tells everyone it’s a virus, and they become fugitives. They join up with a few other people who see what’s really going on and work together to take them out and as a scientist also figure out a way to make a cure or vaccine.

There’s also an amazing backstory involving where the Master came from and why he has lived so long. Plus why the old man has been involved in this since he was a young man.

I think of all the books I’ve read this summer, these have been my favorite. Though I think it helped that Gabe read them all too. It was nice to have someone to talk to about what was going on. Plus I already had all 3 of the books. I still haven’t gone out to get book 2 of Tearling or Name the Wind but I guess I have to now!

2 comments on “The Strain, The Fall and Night Eternal by Guillermo Del Toro/Chuck Hogan”

  1. All your reviews compel me to read more fantasy!!!! Maybe we will have to have a fall or winter reading challenge?!


  2. I can bring you one this weekend if you want. Word of warning, Gabe is VERY specific about how his books are treated so if you want to start with The Strain, you’ll have to be very careful!!


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