A Review of Climate Changed by Phillipe Squarzoni (Book #8)

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Read this book. Seriously. Wow. This was easily the best read of the challenge for me: 1) first graphic novel I’ve ever read and absolutely ate it up 2) the content was extraordinary.

This book is a nonfiction graphic novel about.. you guessed it: climate change. I have resisted reading some literature about climate change because it is often slanted and unscientific. This book was exactly what I needed in this area of science. I felt it was as unbiased as one could reasonably ask, and was not just a dry read because it is a graphic novel.

So, graphic novels are now something I know I  an absolutely enjoy. I am thrilled and I know for several of you out there you are saying “duh, dork” but I am on the bandwagon now!

5/5 winner of the reading challenge for me (Although I do have 2 more books to go.. I just can’t see how this type of read could be beat on this go around. The graphic novel newness for me plus the level of scientific thinking in this book has won me over.)

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