The Imperfectionists (Book 6)

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I’m reading! I swear! I actually had to go back and count the books I’ve covered so far to learn that this was my 6th book. I’ll try to make it to 7, maybe 8 before the challenge is over. Even though I know my attempt at ten books in ten weeks will most likely not be met, it was a great experience to commune with others this summer and it forced me to read more than I might have after finishing my MFA.

Anyway, on to this book! “The Imperfectionists” by Tom Rachman. This was another random find at the local library. I’m a sucker for a good title. I know, you should never judge a book by it’s cover, or title, but I happen to think if the graphic artist is on point and the author knows how to suck you in just by the label, then there’s a good chance it’s decent. I know my aesthetic. (Of course this doesn’t always prove true. See my first book, yikes!)

This book is broken up sort of like short stories, except that each excerpt is tied to a particular American run newspaper based out of Rome. At first, I didn’t understand the flow from one section to the next, and then I noticed the connective tissue and how previous characters were mentioned in others’ entries. It was interesting because it gave a 360degree view of an intangible character, the newspaper. I enjoyed reaching it, but I think it might work better as a mini-series. I know that probably sounds so shitty to say I’d rather watch than read about a newspaper. Maybe because I am a visual person, I think it would have been easier to keep track of the overlaps if I had a face to the names.

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