I need to find a romance novel to read…


Friends! I come to you with a small cry for help: I drew the genre of Romance at our latest meetup, and this is for sure, not my area of expertise. I’m looking for recommendations — no, I won’t read 50 Shades. Thanks for your help!

2 comments on “I need to find a romance novel to read…”

  1. If there is some wiggle room in that category (if it doesn’t mean “pick one from the Harlequin Romances), I’d suggest Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff. It’s a “real” novel, narrated first by a husband and then his wife, and it tells the story of their romance (see! It qualifies!) and life together but from their separate perspectives. Not at all like that new Netflix series about infidelity which is also done in two points of view but is, in my opinion, so tediously predictable. And Groff uses language so well! Here’s a sample: “Between his skin and hers, there was the smallest of spaces, barely enough for air, for this slick of sweat now chilling. Even still, a third person, their marriage, had slid in (5).”

    So although it would be a stretch to call Fates and Furies a “romance,” and Lauren Groff might be horrified if she heard us referring to her novel this way, it is about a romance and the aftermath of this romance, so it should qualify. Unless you have read it already…


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