Book #3 Men are Better Than Women by Dick Masterson


OMG this book.

Let’s just start by saying, if you are offended by the title, you will not find this book funny. I, on the other hand, thought it was HYSTERICAL.

It’s a satirical view of women’s every day behaviors and how (obviously) men do it better. Silly things like needing a basket for the remote even though the remote is in constant use and doesn’t need a “spot”or deeper things like, no woman likes sex therefor no woman is good at sex. As a woman, you probably know this is not true so you have to just roll with it and enjoy the ride.

I will admit, towards the middle it got to be a bit too much “he-man woman hating club” but after a few pages of “I get it you hate women” it went back to the normal rhythm of just pointing out ridiculous things that women do.

It was a quick read and definitely the only book I’ve ever brought out with me and read out loud for the entertainment of other (male) friends.


Book 4 is super short and I’m already halfway through it so I hope to have that post up on Friday!!

2 comments on “Book #3 Men are Better Than Women by Dick Masterson”

  1. Thanks for your review! I have to ask: Is that his real name? Because that’s an amazing name for a book of such content LOL!


  2. I’m pretty sure it’s an alias. He’s pissed off a lot of people with his misogynistic behavior. If you google him, a few tv appearances will come up. He wears huge aviators and has this ridiculous mustache.

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