The Genius of Birds



Ok, full disclosure- I didn’t finish reading the whole book. A rare occasion for me and a part of myself that I question- is it OK to leave a book unfinished? Often, I would say, No- power through! I find this especially true, at least for myself, when reading fiction. Nonfiction is a different kettle of fish, though. I was very excited about this book! It just came out in April. I am pretty bird obsessed- they are my favorite creatures. I started reading this and it fell flat for me. It’s just too dry. Too dry during the current boring, grey weather of Central Pennsylvania. I will pick this up again some other time, but for now it sits.

The writing is not bad, but there’s just not enough juice to keep me interested. I have quelled my disappointment in myself by concluding, life is too short to finish a book you don’t wanna.

The author continually focuses on telling the reader how awesome birds are, how amazing they are. I don’t need to be convinced and it’s overdone. In the first hundred pages she must mention the term bird brain and how untrue it is at least half a dozen times. Just didn’t compel me to continue.

Hope everyone out there is enjoying their own book of the open reading season!

2 comments on “The Genius of Birds”

  1. Birds are so amazing and adorable! Too bad this book couldn’t hold your attention like watching them fly can. I wish it wasn’t such a challenge to find non-fiction that isn’t dry. Better luck next time!

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    1. Preach, k. I’m about to get into a large metal bird that flies about 800mph! Birds inspire us to learn things! I’ll dip into that book once in a while- it’s just not a sit down and plow kind of read.

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