Watch out world, I’m readin’!

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Hi y’all–

I am really looking forward to this challenge since we are doing page numbers instead of books. Somehow this has made me feel LIBERATED–

So, I’m just going to read 38 pages a day. That’s my goal. I have all these books– John Steinbeck’s complete collection of letters– 800 pages, I know I don’t want to read that straight– so bam, 38 pages. I’m reading The Hidden Life of Trees with a friend– 38 pages here, 38 pages there. Rock-n-Roll.

I’ve got many others lying around– I picked up Blood in the Water: The Attica Prison Uprising of 1971 and Its Legacy — you know me, light reading! Ha!

And then there’s poetry. Always poetry — 38 pages is just right!

Maybe on sunny Sundays I’ll be reading more than the “required” amount of reading. Here’s to hoping!

Looking forward to seeing you all around the blog over the next ten weeks!


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