Considering my approach


2,018 pages in ten weeks

201.8 pages per week

28.8 pages per day

This is how my brain breaks down this thing called Winter Reading 2018. Let’s call it 29 pages per day.

I think I’m going to try to post more frequently than once a week– maybe even capture 29 pages at a time. I’m not sure.

I love this session because it gets me away from a total book count– it opens it up.

Anyone have other ideas on an approach?

5 comments on “Considering my approach”

  1. 29 pages as a goal for reading responses is a great idea. And I love opening up the challenge to reading outside the covers of books. As much as I need to make progress on my current book mountain!

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    1. Because of our love of poetry, the winter session makes a handful of pages of Dickinson, a few from Pound and maybe a splash of Walt make reading 29 pages a day seem at least a bit more manageable. When I’m focused on ten books, it has a very different feel/approach for me.


  2. Just the approach I use when I have a book due at the library that can’t be renewed. Must stay on top of it. I usually round to the nearest even number, to make sure I stay a little bit ahead, but I think 30 pages per day will be the largest number I’ve ever faced!

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      1. That’s very nice (and motivating–very clever!) Forgot to say that I always have 2 bookmarks in my book, one marking where I am and one marking my goal. If I reach my goal before the day is done, I move the goal bookmark forward to the next goal and read on.

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