Hello, everyone.  I am looking forward to participating in my first reading challenge with all of you, some of whom I know from ModPo.  I live in the Dallas area with a current stack of books totaling some 3,500 pages (just summed them up) that I’m looking forward to reading.  I hope to reach the goal of 2,018, not 3,500!  My interests include literature of all sorts, including (of course) poetry, art, music (especially opera and classical) and theatre.  Now that I’ve retired from an intense career in finance & accounting, I’ve had the pleasure of throwing myself into these activities that I could only pine for before then.

Daniela has kindly sent me a book named “Failure” to read.  She assures me that this is not an expectation of my performance in the challenge!  Actually, it’s one of a series of books documenting major themes in contemporary art.  Right up my alley.  I see from the list of artists surveyed that there are some who will be new to me, which is great.  Here’s the coolest name of all:  “International Necronautical Society.”  Sounds like a poem title!



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  1. Hi Teri ~ so glad to see you here! This is my third or fourth journey through the reading challenge, and I have only completed it once.. My biggest issue was falling behind- but the cool thing is, I kept reading all of the posts, as well as writing some even when I knew I was too far back to make it to the end.. and I still got so much out of the experience.

    I am trying to organize my stack of books to get started on, and look forward to sharing another journey with you 🙂


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    1. Thanks for this, Meredith. “The journey’s more important than the destination” comes to mind now, which makes things less daunting. I’m looking forward to the writing about the reading. I haven’t done a book report in forever!

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  2. Welcome Teri! I am thrilled to see you among us 🙂 How much fun. What are some of your list specifics?


      1. Thanks for the welcome Alison. I’m in the process of reading a collection of stories by Wendell Berry titled ‘That Distant Land’ and in the process of listening to the audiobook of David Foster Wallace’s last (unfinished) book, ‘The Pale King.’ Also, just came up on the long list of reservations for Roz Chast’s book (cartoons!), ‘Going Into Town: A Love Letter to New York.’ Wildly different stuff. I’ll finish these up and then move on. I have Susan Howe’s ‘My Emily Dickinson.’ Have you read it?

        What’s on your list?

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      2. Thanks for giving me the heads up on your new post and, I see now, Meredith’s. Now I’m going to need to figure out why I didn’t receive notifications of those. (I’ve been getting them for comments & likes.)


  3. Hi Terri, Welcome! Although I have never met the reading challenge, I love reading everyone’s posts. It’s a terrific group with wonderful insights. Happy Reading and Writing! Barbara

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