The thing about reading is I do it all the time


Hi all, For me– my preferred method of communication is through reading and writing. I read continuously most days, to be honest. I always have a book next to me and sometimes I’ll just read the whole thing (waiting for a late meeting to start…). Other times I’ll skim a few pages and put it down for months or years. I think for myself what is key is coming back and revisiting things until satisfaction occurs. I read in a nonlinear fashion often but not always– how do you read?

When I’m left to my own devices to read 2,018 pages, I consider a few things–

  1. Dang that is a lot of pages.
  2. I am so glad to have some awesome people motivating me to do this thing.
  3. What now?

And that cycle turns for a few days. Now, here are a some things I know I’ll be reading:

My swap from Teri! She sent me this:


I also picked this up recently at the suggestion of a friend:


Gotta love the holidaze since book lovers are often showered with new reads. I got this from my friend Senia after she visited me in California this fall (her partner Mark Bray was on a book tour for his latest releaseĀ Antifa: The Antifascist Handbook which you might want to check out it is GREAT!):


Looking forward to seeing what you all come up with! I guess this looks ok for openers?! Hard to believe this much good reading barely scratches the surface of the 2,018 goal.


3 comments on “The thing about reading is I do it all the time”

  1. Can you imagine getting a blurb (and a great one, at that) from Michael Chabon for the cover of your book?

    I always have something to read with me, too, for purposes of making waiting count. I usually have more than one thing going, but not more than a couple of books. Oh, and I always have an audiobook to listen to in my car. My friends think that audiobooks are for long road trips only because, how to you keep track when you’re just getting it in snatches? But it honestly isn’t a problem. I read ‘War and Peace’ this way over a summer when I was still commuting to work! Maybe I should look for Proust on CD.


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