Keep your feet on the ground: Riding the Greyhound bus from New York to Alabama


Last night I stayed on 39th between 8th and 9th before hopping a bus to Montgomery. I have to admit, though I grew up looking at Manhattan and then moved there — I have never slept with this close a view of the Empire State Building.

I am on the bus as I write this headed to the Equal Justice Initiative’s Peace & Justice Summit. One of the events tied to the summit is the opening of the first slavery museum in America. I promise to write more after going!

I got into EJI from reading Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson — as a matter of fact, I read it during one of our summer reading sessions. I think the second round. I have followed the organization ever since — I encourage you to check them out.

Despite my trajectory, the journey is also fascinating and sorely needed. I enjoy embracing the no frills nature of long-distance public transportation. It helps bring me peace and provides an opportunity to connect with communities and locales along the way- whenever Possible I like to travel carefully.

4 comments on “Keep your feet on the ground: Riding the Greyhound bus from New York to Alabama”

  1. This gorgeous photo makes my heart go pitter-patter. I’ve been seeing this new museum on news programs, but no mention of the summit. Look forward to your reports. Please be careful on your careful travels.

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  2. It’s so wonderful you traveled to be a part of this event! Amy Goodman ( did a 2 part interview with Bryan Stevenson, the founder and executive director of the Equal Justice Initiative (May 1 program), about the opening of the National Memorial for Peace and Justice and the Legacy Museum. I am interested to hear more about your personal experiences around this historic event! The EJI has a site featuring stories about lynching from surviving family members. The stories are very moving and powerful. ( Good for you for undertaking this adventure!

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    1. Yes I have been following Stevenson for 5 years! I wrote about Just Mercy during our summer reading a few yrs ago 🙂


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