I thought I’d post a few images from art exhibits in Dallas-area museums this fall.

– Jacob Hashimoto at the Crow Museum of Asian Art

– Salvador Dali (Poetics of the Small) at the Meadows Museum of Art

– Jean (Hans) Arp at the Nasher Sculpture Garden

– My own construction paper collage in response to Arp’s “Dancing Woman” 🙂

Jacob Hashimoto



TARPian Creation

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    1. Thanks, Barbara. It has been great to have two surrealists in town at the same time! How did that happen?


    1. You’re welcome, Borkali. Wonderful to get positive feedback on my “piece” from both you and Barbara. It was a good thing to have the time limit of the workshop. It was impossible to think too much. I just went straight for the color.

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