Marin Society of Artists Sculpture Show


Here are some photos of local Marin artists’ sculpture. I work as an artist and gallerist at MSA. I love the diversity of entries and the breadth that they cover. Enjoy! The second is a video.

2018-10-11 12.12.572018-10-11 12.12.382018-10-11 12.11.232018-10-11 12.09.592018-10-11 12.09.202018-10-11 12.09.092018-10-11 12.08.462018-10-11 12.08.312018-10-11 12.08.192018-10-11 12.08.102018-10-11 12.07.392018-10-11 12.04.532018-10-11 12.04.35



3 comments on “Marin Society of Artists Sculpture Show”

  1. What a wonderful exhibit. Your photographs are lovely. I felt like I was taking part in the imagination of each artist. Sometimes it’s hard to find my way into my own.

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  2. What cool work–thank you! My eyes have been nearly crossing while trying to make out what the writing on the dress in “…art in heaven” says. Maybe it’s the prayer.


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