Hello Again: Winter Reading


I type with gloves on from Maywood, NJ. I have been here the last six weeks and am preparing to head home tomorrow by train. Throughout my time here I have wondered in passing about what I might read on my trek back to California.

I was given a copy of Junkland by Patrick Johns that was given to my dad by the author. I also have Quiet Days in Clichy by Henry Miller with me and a super depressing book about farming by Wendell Berry that I think I may not need to read. My 19 year old brother gave me a poetry anthology for Christmas that I’ll likely thumb through therapeutically.

Then again, I may not read at all and just look out the window for a few days.

Looking forward to reading together with you all!


9 comments on “Hello Again: Winter Reading”

  1. A, I would love, love, love to be on a train travelling the breadth of the continent. Enjoy! And thanks for having me.

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