Hoping Steinbeck can bring me Home


In some ways nothing has changed of course but these days sure feel heavy. How do you find peace in your worlds? Art helps me everyday.

5 comments on “Hoping Steinbeck can bring me Home”

  1. Art. Beauty. Language that stirs the heart, that invigorates the mind. Rising before the sun, before the rest of the house. Sunlight on my face.

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  2. Borkali, just noticed the link. Thank you for that, it made my rainy morning. A song from my youth that, oddly, came to mind just a few days ago as I was leaving the post office. Thank you for this, better than the version in my head. : )

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  3. Why haven’t I read this book?

    I find peace when my dog lies down next to me–pressing his weight against me–and I stroke his fur or just let my hand rest companionably on him. And art, too.

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      1. Borkali, I just turned the page in the New Yorker I’m reading, and there was a cartoon with two animals, one seated behind a desk and the other in front. The cat behind the desk is holding a sheaf of papers and speaking to the dog (whose tongue is hanging out): “You tend to overuse the exclamation point.” Gotta love our enthusiasts. 🙂

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