May POETRY Magazine


I opened the morning with May POETRY and it did not disappoint – in particular the poem “A Partial History” by Ariana Reines held me and there are numerous others – it is a good one! I keep these books with me all the time. The commentary also taught me about the book Gunslinger which was new to me– I am going to find a copy somewhere.

Anyone else reading POETRY ?

4 comments on “May POETRY Magazine”

  1. Ooooh, will try and investigate. I no longer receive Poetry. Did for a few years but so much to read and i found I wasn’t getting to it. Will definitely explore the piece you mention. Thanks. borkali. : )

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    1. Yea- POETRY, I guess like all things, can be hit or miss but I do appreciate having the opportunity to read fresh poetry each month. In this month’s one of the contributors is a software engineer and that was very inspirational to see. I know what you mean about not getting into it, though- I have several months I have hardly read at all…

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      1. Yes, sometimes it is the selection. And sometimes it is just time. And sometimes it is other reading options. Software engineer/poet does sound intriguing.


  2. I get a little poetry every day, some in my email inbox and some otherwise on-line. It’s good to always have a new one.
    I really like the cover of this issue of POETRY!

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