My friend Sara told me about this 1884 classic when I saw her in Berkeley some weeks ago. I had never heard of Flatland before.

The story is only 100 pages long and likely is sitting at your local library should you be interested.

Flatland is brings the reader into a 2 dimensional world of lines and imagining a world where lines were a living society of sorts. However, what if there were 3 dimensions? What if there were more?

I am happy to have learned about this classic read. Sara teaches this as part of her curriculum for 3rd grade ( I believe )- I would have loved this story in school. Better late than never !

How are y’all?

7 comments on “Flatland”

  1. I am intrigued by this, borkali. Especially by the fact that it was written over one hundred years ago. Oddly, my library does not have a copy of the book, only a copy on CD. I am thinking it is a book best read, not listened to. Sounds like something I should know about.

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    1. My library has it in eBook format only, but I did find the text online. You’d never find a font like this today. Thanks, borkali.

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      1. Yes, I noticed those illustrations by the author! And on the title page, this: “Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions” By A Square 🙂

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      2. The differences between males and females is especially fun to think about in Flatland – my review is brief and a little vague because it is more fun to read it yourself I think!

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      3. Thank you,Teri. I was able to find it too but would not have thought of it. Have downloaded and look forward to reading. A quick scan shows much to pique my interest. The illustrations!

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