Don Quixote At His End


Just to close the loop, I did finish listening to the twenty-nine CD’s which comprise Volumes I and II.  Many delights.  Much character development on the part of Sancho Panza.

One thing that was consistent throughout was the humor, Sancho Panza’s ass, Dapple, not at all minding having his species used as the butt of joke after joke.  Like this:  Dapple is briefly stolen, but Sancho Panza “immediately recognized his own ass” when they came across him again.  🙂

How clever is it to have your title character, on his deathbed, request that no writer continue his adventures after his death?  (No sequel to this Gone with the Wind!)

Very fun to listen to this book.  I’m moving on to “The Canterbury Tales.”

4 comments on “Don Quixote At His End”

  1. Teri, so glad you wrapped up Don Quixote. I have an audio copy on my “for later” shelf at the library and I look forward to it.

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    1. Cool. It was nice to have some of the things I’ve learned about Spanish history and culture tie into the book. Now, I’m on CD #2 of The Canterbury Tales. I’m sure I must have known it is in verse, but it was as surprise. It’s fun to notice the devices used to catch a rhyme here and there, like yadda, yadda, yadda, “you might have guessed” to rhyme with, say, “A cloth of gold was on his breast.” Rhyme does please the ear.

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      1. It does please the ear. Especially when unexpected or slant. So cool that your experience of Cervantes was deepened by your growing knowledge of Spanish history and culture.

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