An abstract migrant & Teri’s art



Here is my abstract migrant sculpture that I am working on. Also, Teri made this wonderful origami book that I want to send to another reader this summer – I think this work of art needs to be shared with y’all! How to approach this, I’m not sure yet but am having fun looking at these items on a Friday afternoon.

15 comments on “An abstract migrant & Teri’s art”

  1. Borkali, would love to see this sculpture from all sides. Interesting elements. I think you must be always creating. And Teri’s book, wow. Glad you shared this Friday afternoon with us.

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    1. I wish you could just hold it. I keep moving her around the house. My study of colors has included a significant amount of fabric and texture combined with paint and anything else I find. This abstract migrant was discovered when i shoved some fabric into a plastic vase (hidden) and wrapped the spotted cloth on the base. I secured the two fabrics with the necklace representing his baggage / chains. I do not know that I will add anything else to it unless something shows up that makes sense. The study of the color green is a large sculpture that is hard to photograph. So much of my work just doesn’t photo well. Or I do not have the right set up, honestly, to take good photos of them and I am a bit lazy when it comes to this aspect of my work, which I have to acknowledge.

      I am always trying to strike a balance between creating and observing/documenting. I have so much to learn from the world around me and it takes me a long time to actually see anything at all.

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  2. You are so creative. Thanks for sharing you sculpture in progress. I’d love to hear about your process. The cover of Teri’s book is quite lovely. I love all that comes to me through this blog!

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    1. Thanks Barbara- I made Kamil look at it and tell me if I was crazy or not because it sort of occurred and was not a planned sculpture. I would actually describe the abstract migrant as found and not created, I think.


  3. Borkali, I just tuned in here and found our work side-by-side. You have held onto my little pocket book all this time?! I’m digging the movement, the pattern, the combination of materials in Abstract Migrant. It took you to find it. I don’t know why but it sent me down the path of considering the word for “green” in other languages. This feels verde or verte to me.

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    1. I did, Teri! I show it to people sometimes 🙂 I actually sent it off to someone in the group so maybe she will post about it when it arrives!

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      1. After taking the train, it has become clear that people are very uncomfortable even using the word migration! The words vacation or travel feel so much more aligned with our goals? I tried to explain to people that being on the train is a form of migration that we are engaged in freely– how lucky? They were confused. No one wants to feel like they are part of the same group of people at the border? I am lost on humanity at the moment, but, I think the migrant’s name might be Summer and I think I might make one for each Season…

        I might make a few thousand migrants actually.

        I think migration is part of animal experience. I also think migration is beautiful and important– migration is life. We move to live. Wake up people.

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    2. Teri, your art is on the move just like the abstract migrant! I just received your pocket book in the mail. I love it. I’m glad it found its way to State College, PA.


  4. I love the way you are thinking about migration. It is very thought provoking. Don’t underestimate your impact upon those you meet along the way!

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    1. And to speak clearly: This is not to minimize or normalize the suffering of those in refuge at the border currently. The idea is more to realize that we are making migration harder when in fact, if we were smart, we would be facilitating movement– helping people get where they feel they need to be.

      We all move around some more than others– these people are fleeing imminent death. Shouldn’t we *want* to help them?

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    2. Just coming into this as I had stopped getting notices. I am deeply moved by this conversation you are having with yourself re migration, borkali. It is such a natural movement – to move with weather, seasons, food supply. We have turned it into such a mess. We are a nation of migrants and I am grateful you are starting these conversations along the road.


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