2 Abstract Migrants


Summer (right) came into existence in early June and I posted an early photo of the abstract migrant before he even had a name. Summer got his name sometime on the road when he traveled with me to the East Coast. When I started the study of the color brown in August, Autumn showed up right away (left). She’s quite ornate in comparison to summer, who recently gained 4 rosemary sprigs and a stone that is black and says in gold “go green”. They are enjoying some air out the yard this morning.

8 comments on “2 Abstract Migrants”

  1. Your migrant friends have definitely found a lovely resting place. The flowers are lovely. My heart goes out to all those they represent who have not found a safe haven!

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  2. Love seeing the evolution of the migrants, borkali. And all those interesting objects. Still love imagining your travels with Summer.

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      1. watch how because i made a sexy lady migrant everyone will be like ‘wow that’s great’ — poor summer…


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