The Abstract Migrant as a Travel Companion


Yesterday, I brought the abstract migrant out to Sonoma where I visited two of my artist friends, Patrick and Gail. They gave me such a resounding affirmation about the abstract migrant, it dawned on me that as I prepare to travel for the month of July, I do not have to travel alone.

So, the abstract migrant is coming with me. We’re taking the train (he’s such a cheap date- no ticket required!) on Friday morning and will get to NYC on Monday. I’m sure the abstract migrant will bring about lots of conversations. I’m looking forward to it.

How fun is art? Especially when you dive in and do it yourself 😉

6 comments on “The Abstract Migrant as a Travel Companion”

  1. Borkali, love that you are travelling with the abstract migrant. Looking forward to tales of your travels. Inspired by how deeply you participate in the creative life.

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