Spring is Here

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Some of you may recall that I’ve been working on a series of abstract migrants that are inspired by my color studies and the seasons. Summer came into being a year ago (almost exactly, though unplanned). Summer is part of the green study and Autumn came during the brown study. Winter showed up earlier this year during the study of white. The study of black commences with the manifestation of Spring. Spring is an old woman. While one might think that Spring should be full of colors, I took the line of thinking that spring is the first showing of color that breaks the darkness. I also associate sound with Spring, and the headphones are a paradox between music and tuning out sounds beyond ourselves. The irony of the red button on the remote fits with this thinking as well as the endless technologies and their related wires, controllers, chargers — all of which are made by real people, many of whom are surely migrants.

Some other themes I’ve discovered in creating Spring are a tendency to tear apart materials at the seams, to destroy the original form of objects to find new meaning, and the tendency for knots to tie themselves. How do we balance the time we spend untying knots that occur spontaneously?

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