I am house-sitting for fellow reader K8 who is off vacationing in Japan, and as such I have access to Prime Video and discovered Undone last night. It is an animated series and is compelling to watch– the story so far (I watched only a few episodes) is about a woman, Alma, who might be described as a “debbie downer” — always revealing the harsh reality of things, not terribly soft– perhaps visibly traumatized by the world. Her sister, Becca, is the opposite– always trying to keep things positive. Alma gets in a car accident and starts seeing her dead father and is in a sort of in-between state where she is learning to control time. Her father was a theoretical physicist and he says he was murdered, not killed in an accident. He asks for Alma’s help to reverse the course of his fate. It’s fun to watch and the animation is a cool approach I don’t usually watch (I do not watch much television/movies) — so this is a fun way to mix up my media exposure.

Anyone else hear of this show?

7 comments on “Undone”

  1. I had read another review of this, Alison, and found it intriguing. Entranced by anything that explores the mutability, fluidity of time. And, thanks to my son, I have a more nuanced and informed perception of animation. So, may have to carve out some time for this one.

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      1. And you think right, borkali. This is a very intriguing show. I am visually wowed by the animation, fascinated in fact. It is so fluid. And the story, so far, has got me hovering in anticipation and curiosity. I find myself leaning in when I watch it, wanting to go deep into it…

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  2. It will be interesting to find out how this unfolds. I wonder if the sisters with their different outlooks will need each other to reverse fate. Keep us posted.

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  3. I found Undone. I have finished 4 episodes. I didn’t think i’d like to watch an animated drama. I was wrong. Thanks for the review, Alison.

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    1. Glad you are enjoying Undone! I think it is an interesting story– would love to know your thoughts! I felt that the visualization was really well done–


    2. Barbara, glad to hear you too gave it a spin. I have only watched two episodes and, much like you, do not gravitate toward animated film. But this, this is different. Visually arresting and held rapt by the story…

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