Morning Glory


I found this compilation of poetry titled Morning Glory that was published by the California Lutheran College in 1977. There are authors included with each poem, but none of whom I am familiar. There is no information about who contributed to this book or how the organization was decided, etc. I am not sure what the intentions of this collection was other than to allow folks to publish their poetry together, which is a fine enough reason for me.

Within- there are many interesting and daringly sexual poems, which speaks to the era. I pulled 3 poems that especially stuck out to me for your enjoyment. I hope you are all enjoying the turning of the seasons.

Is “Apology” a reference to William Carlos Williams “This is Just to Say”? “For Jannice” makes me feel like I know Jannice and maybe a little about Maia, too.


 Horace and his cat are memorable on a Saturday morning!

6 comments on “Morning Glory”

  1. You come up with the most interesting finds, Borkali. I especially love For Janice. It feels open, fractal, cubist. As though there are several scenes occupying the same space. : )

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    1. i found this one at a goodwill! the cover has a fairy on it which caught my eye- no info on the photo or any of the illustrations inside, but i’ve spent much of the weekend perusing morning glory– maybe a follow up post!


      1. I’ll scan that and a few others– how cool would it be if someone from this publication found us?!


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