Morning Glory Part 2: Images & More Poems


I posted originally about Morning Glory here, and am continuing the conversation with a second post including the cover, back cover, and a few other pages for your review. Please enjoy! Interestingly, there are a series of pages repeated in this volume, including the Uncle Horace poem I posted in the first review. I had thought I saw the poem twice but simply figured it was my own error, but in fact, there are about 5 pages or so repeated!

Image (10)Image (11)Image (12)

3 comments on “Morning Glory Part 2: Images & More Poems”

  1. I love the cover too! My guess had been the book is a collection of college connected (faculty, students, alums) poetry? It’s published by California Lutheran College. Did you notice the poem above is by a CLC alum. My intuition may be correct. What an interesting find.

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    1. Yes- I wrote about the CLC in my original post as the organizer but the actual order of poetry does not seem to have much reasoning nor the bio of any of the poets, aside from the annotation you mention from alums.


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