Where have you been? A Study of the Color Brown


Here is a snapshot of a current work in progress that is part of my study of the color brown. This sculpture is installed beneath a hibiscus tree highly trafficked by hummingbirds in my backyard. I am working on additional sculptures that will be secured to the table as I continue.

5 comments on “Where have you been? A Study of the Color Brown”

  1. Brown. Who knew? The many variations. The differing objects. And the suitcase as a vehicle for it all, highlighted by the title, giving it some abstract movement. I find myself wanting to identify the objects, speculate on their previous lives. I find myself ignoring all of that and just absorbing the colors, textures, how they are set off by instances of other colors.
    Thank you, borkali, for the opportunity to explore all of that…

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    1. Thanks JNaz- I hope people who visit it will touch it and rearrange as they like. I am inspired by Mark Dion whose work I saw at Storm King over the summer (with summer the migrant).

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  2. I love the spontaneity of your sculpture and your non attachment. It’s fun to think about it changing as folks touch things and move them around. I wish I could visit and engage “Where Have You Been” in person. I had not heard of Mark Dion. It was fun to learn about him and his work online.

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    1. At least I can send updated photos as it evolves or devolves depending on your lens- I am excited to see how the seasons and weather impact its appearance.

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  3. Very cool, borkali! It’s good for brown to get some love. It’s no fun to be considered a neutral–earth tone is better, but still.
    Your creative juices are definitely flowing.

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