The Apology by Eve Ensler


I picked up this book from the library and gave it a quick read over the last few days. It is jarring and intense, and if you are a survivor of abuse, it is definitely triggering- so be warned. Eve’s father was sexually, physically and emotionally abusive to her from the age of 5. It starts with touching and escalates to physical violence and consistent destruction of his daughter throughout her life– it is an alarming but necessary book.

Eve’s father never actually apologized to her, so she wrote the painful apology herself. It is a tragic read, but I do not regret grabbing this from my local library to welcome November with.

Hard to believe we will turn the corner to 2020 in just a few short weeks…

3 comments on “The Apology by Eve Ensler”

  1. This must have been a tough read, borkali. Not certain I would have been able to do it. That she wrote her own apology is astounding.

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  2. I have so much respect for Eve Ensler. I saw her one-woman show, The Vagina Monologues, at a huge feminist conference years ago. I have read excerpts from The Apology which is my “to read” list. Ensler is an artist activist who helped to create City of Joy in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. I watched an excellent documentary about this community on Netflix. I highly recommend it, but it is very difficult to hear the women’s stories (potentially triggering stories). While disturbing, the film is a tribute to the resilience and courage of women who have survived outrageous violence. Dr. Denis Mukwege, the doctor and partner at City of Joy, and Nadia Murad shared the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize. If you are thinking of a charity to give to as a way to celebrate the upcoming holidays, City of Joy would be a worthwhile consideration (

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