Study of the Color Green in the Yard


I finished this study in July and it now joins the sculpture garden. There are quite a few elements here and again, passersby are welcome to move things around or add to the green study. Unfortunately the photo doesn’t give you much access to the “behind bars” limes and other green things, but you get the idea. Enjoy!


4 comments on “Study of the Color Green in the Yard”

  1. borkali, I am enjoying. The color green feels so enlivening on these short, wintery days and I am digging the internal sensation of lift that I feel when gazing on it. From there, I find myself exploring the objects themselves – the varying shades and textures, the mass or airyness of them. Lastly, I am delighted by the real wealth of color as I, visually, rub up against it. Thank you for this. ; )

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