Queering the Tarot


I finished reading this book a few weeks ago. Even though I received my first deck almost 20 years ago, I’ve never sat down to read a tarot book cover to cover. Sure i have read PLENTY of articles and reference books usually in an as needed section by section, card by card situation. I’m not sure if it’s fair to critique this book too closely, since I don’t exactly identify as queer… but I feel like I learned more about the author and how they interpret readings. My understanding of tarot has been a mixture of long held archetype beliefs, deconstruction of some of those archetypes (such as this book), and personal intuition/relationship to the images. This book is a nice start, but almost felt like it was just skimming the surface and *perhaps* the perspective was more of the author than applicable to the queer community as a whole. But again, I feel a little grimy saying that as a mostly cishetero monogamist female. I would be interested in reading critiques from the queer community who are also well versed in tarot.

6 comments on “Queering the Tarot”

  1. Your interests are so eclectic. I have always been intrigued by Tarot Cards–they turn up in novels and films. I’ve never thought about the history, interpretation, biases…Another fascinating topic to explore. Next time your in SC bring one of your decks; I’d love a reading!

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    1. Tarot by phone and facetime are also a thing, but at the moment my emotional limitations are being stretched. I would love to give you a reading in a couple of months or so!


  2. Really enjoyed reading this take on the tarot. Something I would not have thought of on my own. Thanks for expanding my thinking.

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