Study of White


As some of you know I’ve been studying white since the turn of the year and it has been a fruitful search — I have so many examples of observations around white, and I’ve had the pleasure of friends writing to me about their reflections of white and other fun surprises. I got white eggplants seeds in the mail as well as morning glories that I’ve planted, too.

The sculptures I am working on in my yard have evolved. Here is a photo of where I am at. I will be adding more branches over time as well as other dimensions that I haven’t thought of yet.

There is a companion sculpture – a protector, me thinks, who can be found next to the primary piece. At first they were separate but as K said perfectly once I showed him the update, “That makes sense.”

We are also pushing our fence line down to open up the front yard– it is nearly complete. I’ll have to post some photos of K’s work once he’s all done. Of course, I have plans to artify the new fence, at least a bit 😉

5 comments on “Study of White”

  1. I thought of weddings, love, purity, dance and white privilege–the elegant dress, pearls, ballet shoe for dance lessons. I imagined the empty envelope once contained a bill. I wonder if it was paid? I wish I could see your study in real life; I can’t quite make out the picture in the branches. I love sharing in your creativity.

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    1. I actually pulled that photo down since it is just something that was stapled to my fence– a marker for a plant. 🙂


  2. Cool piece! I like the idea of adding more branches. I also am going to try white eggplants this year! I got the Thai type/variety. I plan on SOUP!

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  3. I didn’t realize that was your wedding gown! I’m still trying to imagine getting married in a Catholic Church in a mine. I’d love to see you you in your gown and your flapper dress. I wish I’d been at the wedding! I just looked at pictures and read about The Wieliczka Salt Mine online. It’s hard to believe that the carved architecture and sculptures (including the gorgeous chandeliers) were created by untrained miners. Your backyard art opened up a conversation that led me down a path I would have never explored. Thanks for setting up the zoom meeting. I loved conversing with some of you in “tech” person!

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