MAKING GHEE, or finding my way back…


My friends and co-conspirators,

Apologies for my absence these last weeks. My earth shifted on its axis with the death of my mother. Now, I am finding my way back, grounding myself in the real. Making ghee, bread, soup. Reorienting. Always lovely to find you all here…

8 comments on “MAKING GHEE, or finding my way back…”

  1. Hi Julie, I am so sorry to hear about your mother’s passing. I am sending you lots of love, peace and healing energy. Take care of yourself- the ghee looks like a great start!! xo

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  2. Meredith, thank you for all that goodness winging my way. Such a difficult time to grieve, when we want to gather as a family and we cannot gather as a family. Surreal…

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  3. Dear Julie, My deepest condolences. I will be thinking of you as you continue to grieve and find your way back. I too send you love, peace and healing energy. Your ghee is gorgeous–the color is so beautiful!

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    1. Thank you, Barbara, for the goodness that you send. And bring, always.

      The thing I love most about ghee is the smell. Sometimes I open the jar just for a whiff…

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  4. Much love to you, JNaz. As Barbara has said, the color of your ghee is spectacular, and the process of making it is poetic.

    This place is not the same without your voice, so I’m grateful for your presence here.

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