In the making: Goodu Bird and Cat Episode 2


Hi All! I’ve decided that since there is another full week of house-arrest style nation wide LOCKDOWN in Nepal, it would be fun to make another animated minute long episode featuring Goodu Bird and Cat. There was a request to see inside Goodu Bird’s nest, and so I decided to hand draw the nest. I’m going to have to figure out how to make the windows transparent to other layers of animation, or find another workaround…I’m planning to have Cat peer inside the nest at some point.

Through the episodes, Goodu Bird will continue to be gaseous, of course, and Cat will suffer the consequences of their insatiable curiosity! (Cat is not trying to eat the bird like in Sylvester and Tweety….just wants to know what the little green loud thing in the tree is all about)

So, as the episode progresses, I’ll post periodic updates so y’all can see my animation process 🙂  Thanks, Open Arts Spring for keeping me a bit motivated! — Leslie



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