RADIANT HEART BLUEBERRY PIE or baking my way back…


Baking grounds me. Making pies ties me to generations of women in my family who all made fabulous pies. I have tweaked my own pie making – whole wheat crust, less sugar, unsalted butter instead of crisco – but I feel so genetically connected when I make a pie. This one is pretty yummy. And I felt so close to my mother as I made it. She taught me, after all…

10 comments on “RADIANT HEART BLUEBERRY PIE or baking my way back…”

  1. Pie baking is one of my favorite cooking experiences. A dear friend and wonderful cook taught me years ago. Yours looks picture perfect and delicious. When love is in the process, success is a good bet.

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  2. Neighbor Nancy dropped off some cookies this week and I’ve just had two for breakfast. She is an admirable baker — here’s to all you sorceresses of sweets! ❤

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    1. Oh, do try Leslie! Just remember to have your shortening cold and don’t handle it too much and you will be delighted with your results. It is those little lumps of cold fat melting that make for flaky…

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