Al Filreis on Meraki Radio


I finally had the golden opportunity to bring Al Filreis on the air. It is something I had been hoping to do for some time, but was waiting for the right moment. So here we are. Enjoy!

Perspectives: Al Filreis on ModPo, Collaborative Learning, Emily Dickinson & More

4 comments on “Al Filreis on Meraki Radio”

  1. borkali! I loved this! I have heard Al talk alot about ModPo, duh, but there was something fresh in this conversation. You really ran with it, brought it into an expanded context for me. I love what you said about equity in learning, about being life long learners, about the fluidity of close reading. And something Al said too really struck me, something about making remoteness intimate. Wow. Definitely worth a second listen, want to cement some of what was said in my brain.

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    1. Thanks for listening, JNaz! It was cool to let him share the ModPo evolution and it helped me understand all the email lists he has — I remember I participated in one about Salinger several years ago, 2013(?), and I recall it all being emails back and forth and I was a little overwhelmed– perhaps a Remnant (!) of the original approach…

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  2. Excellent show, Borkali! I echo Julie’s comments; the things that stood out for her from both you and Al stood out for me. Very interesting pieces of ModPo history and, specifically, Community Collaborative Close Reading history I didn’t know. I’d use this as a recruiting tool for ModPo whenever I got the chance. (Glad you got Dickinson and Stein in there. 🙂 )

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  3. I can see why Al Filreis has a huge following and has interested so many people in modern poetry. His voice alone is so inviting. A., you asked such great questions and added your own great thinking to the interview. Julie, I’m with you; I want to listen again. Filreis’ ideas on education are so refreshing. Teri, you are absolutely right; this is a great recruiting tool for ModPo.

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