“What day is it again?” Video Art Festival


I am receiving emails from the Orange County Museum of Art (OCMA) now, a lovely consequence of participation in the communal haiku project JNaz wrote about here a while back. They are holding online limited-time events which I have enjoyed watching. I’ve been sorry that I didn’t alert you to the new documentary film they gave 24-hour access to which was about the very beginnings of video art. So just in case this video art festival is the same level of cool (the 70’s, man), I’m giving you the link to sign up for access which begins at 6 AM Pacific Time on May 21.

Give the description a read to see if you’re interested and, if so, RSVP!

OCMA 24-Hour Video Festival

6 comments on ““What day is it again?” Video Art Festival”

  1. I made it to the website and saw the titles but didn’t get a chance to watch a thing in the last 24h. First week of class blues. Any updates on your end?


    1. I watched them over the course of the day, in reverse order (going left to right), because I wanted to see William Wegman’s dog, Man Ray, the most. I fast-forwarded through bits of all except my favorite, which was the filmmaker filming herself dressing herself while eating corn nuts and describing why each piece of clothing was some kind of bargain. Really funny, but really saying something about our consumerist culture (here, in the 70’s). I recognized Filene’s Basement and Loehmann’s. Sorry you missed that one. Oh, and Man Ray, who wasn’t about to get talked into taking a puff off a cigarette!

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