Summer Squash


Inspired by the bagels, the ghee, the radiant heart blueberry pie — my first summer squash. I love small vegetables – so manageable for my small hands, in my small world these days. I’m going to give these to K8, fellow reader, when we do our first ever social distancing walk later today. My first social interaction outside the home in 14 weeks!

3 comments on “Summer Squash”

  1. Wow summer squash. Wow a walk with another human being. Wow small vegetables. I love harvesting summer squash when they are 2-3″ long, sauteing them whole, quickly, in olive oil with fresh herbs and fresh cracked salt and pepper, sliced onions. Yummmmm. Will be months before I see any veggies from the garden. Enjoy that walk, borkali. : )

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  2. Sculpture, Borkali. I just finished watching a Zoom session put on by folks from the Dallas Museum of Art, Nasher Sculpture Garden, and NorthPark Shopping Center (the mall is full of public art) so your squash kept that vibe going…

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  3. There’s nothing like fresh produce. The Farmers’ Markets here are offering lots of interesting greens. My daffodils are finished, so it’s time to plant nasturtiums in my small garden space. They are colorful, edible, and require very little help from me.

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