Shorelines by Al Jarnow


Another Aeon find, Shorelines is a delicious nibble feeding my body, which misses the ocean to the core. LINK

4 comments on “Shorelines by Al Jarnow”

  1. This really took me back to growing up in California. When I was a child every shell I found was a real treasure. The last time I was at the ocean, I was looking for shells with my cousin’s young granddaughter. She had collected bags and bags of shells to take home at that point. As we were leaving the beach, an older gentleman showed her an amazing seashell–he said he found it on his walk (I know he had fun stopping children and telling him this “tall tale”). She was in awe, and he gave it to her. (I think he had a bag full to share.) Joy all around.

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  2. Shells are the best. Well, rocks and shells. While I was watching this I thought “Why didn’t I learn to make films?” Then, surprise, the next video started and I had an Intensive Fermentation Experience!

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